Music artist, Iceberg Slim, Apologizes to his ex-girlfriend, Juliet Ibrahim in an open letter

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Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg slim became quite an item in the Nigeria music scene while their relationship lasted. their break-up came as a surprise to fans and everyone that care. Since their separation, the two have been having a spectacular time in the entertainment industry as Iceberg slim recently dropped a new music single ‘way up’ which has been well received and Juliet Ibrahim on the other hand recently launched her book ‘A toast to life’.

While it seems like the two have moved on with their individual lives, in a social media post a few months back, Juliet Ibrahim revealed that it is actually difficult to forget someone you’ve had sex with in a relationship.  Now, Iceberg slim, has taken to his Instagram page to post an open letter to Juliet Ibrahim, stating that he is truly sorry and admits being responsible for crashing their relationship.


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