Nigeria’s Biggest Radio Cash giveaway “Max Millions” is back.

Written by on February 23, 2021

Nigeria’s Biggest Radio Cash giveaway “Max Millions” is back.

Max Million is an innovative cash giveaway segment on Max FM for listeners to look forward to winning amazing Cash prizes.

Max FM is also home of the biggest and most attractive giveaways on the radio. It might interest you to know that the max millions are centres on giving listeners the chance to win a share in the cash prizes from the N1 Million during a period of 1 month.

Indeed, everyone is a winner, our listeners get to participate in the show by tuning in to Max1023fm and also listen to Max Millions song of the day, they must ensure they are the tenth caller.

A sequence will then be played where different cash amounts will be mentioned, the listener is required to say stop when he or she hears a cash amount of their choice.


It’s important for Listeners to know that they must follow  Max FM on all its social medial platforms to qualify and to participate.

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