Adenita shipper berates Adekunle “I pray to never locate men like you, you are a piece of sh^t”

Written by on November 1, 2023

Adenita shipper berates Adekunle “I pray to never locate men like you, you are a piece of sh^t”

Adenita shipper berates Adekunle

In recent developments, Adekunle, a former contestant on a popular reality show, once again finds himself in the spotlight due to his past connection with Venita. Despite Adekunle and Venita having chosen different paths, their devoted fans and shippers, collectively known as Adenita, seem reluctant to move on.

A passionate member of the Adenita shipper community recently took to social media to express her concerns and frustrations directly to Adekunle. In a candid exchange, she was straightforward, conveying her dissatisfaction with Adekunle’s actions towards Venita.


The fan accused Adekunle of breaking Venita’s heart and questioned his choice of associates, particularly those who, in her perspective, did not support Venita. She strongly criticized him for his close proximity to individuals who, in her view, did not hold Venita in high regard.

In a strongly worded message, she went on to issue a threat, suggesting that Pere, another notable figure from the reality show, might confront Adekunle for his association with Mercy Eke.


“I pray to never locate men like you. Both guys hates Venita and you dine with them.

You really are a piece of shit. It’s the fact that you hunting everyone that hated her.


From Doyini, Mercy and the rest. I wanna see your Karma

Always known you hate the girl but this is on another level.”


The connection between Adekunle and Venita has its roots in the reality show where they were contestants. Their on-screen chemistry was palpable, and they were among the first to form a romantic connection during the show’s run. Their journey even extended to making post-show plans to continue their relationship beyond the confines of the reality house.

Nonetheless, as the reality show neared its conclusion, their relationship underwent an unforeseen and rather puzzling transformation, leaving fans and viewers bewildered regarding the true essence of their connection. This change in dynamics has elicited a plethora of reactions from fans, especially the ardent Adenita shippers who continue to be deeply engrossed in the former couple’s journey.

Adekunle’s recent disclosure concerning this fan interaction has sparked discussions on various social media platforms. The passionate response from the Adenita shippers stands as evidence of the lasting impact that reality show relationships can wield on both participants and their dedicated fan base.


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