Anambra: Real and Fake 2023 UTME Top Scorers Emerge

Written by on July 11, 2023

Anambra: Real and Fake 2023 UTME Top Scorers Emerge

Anambra: Real and Fake 2023 UTME Top Scorers

In an intriguing twist of events, both the authentic and fraudulent top scorers of the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) hail from Anambra State. Umeh Nkechinyere, the genuine top scorer with an impressive aggregate score of 360, was declared the official highest achiever during the 2023 policy meeting held by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Abuja on June 24, 2023. On the other hand, Ejikeme Mmesoma fraudulently presented herself as the top scorer, only to be exposed by JAMB.

JAMB applauded Umeh for her outstanding performance, acknowledging her remarkable achievement as the true top scorer. Meanwhile, Ejikeme faced reprimand from the board for falsely parading herself as the highest achiever. It was revealed that Ejikeme manually inflated her UTME result from 249 to 362, using this manipulated score to secure a N3 million scholarship from Innoson Motors, which was intended to be awarded by the Anambra State government.


In a statement released by JAMB, the board expressed deep disappointment in Ejikeme’s deceitful actions. They highlighted the case of Miss Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma, who had claimed to score 362 in the 2023 UTME and had been promised a N3 million scholarship by Chief (Dr.) Innocent Chukwuma. The Anambra State government was also prepared to honor her achievements until JAMB received a call from one of its officials, seeking confirmation of her claim. To everyone’s surprise, JAMB revealed that Miss Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma had actually scored 249, not the inflated 362 she had claimed.

Ejikeme’s manipulation of her UTME result to deceive the public and fraudulently obtain a scholarship and other recognitions was met with stern consequences. The board announced its decision to prosecute her and withdraw her original result. This revelation serves as a stern reminder of the importance of integrity and honesty in academic pursuits and the severe repercussions of engaging in fraudulent activities.

While Umeh Nkechinyere rightfully basks in the glory of her achievement as the true top scorer, Ejikeme Mmesoma serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the significance of maintaining ethics and authenticity. JAMB’s swift action in exposing and penalizing Ejikeme demonstrates its commitment to ensuring fairness and transparency in the examination process. As the investigation concludes and justice is served, the incident serves as a reminder to all aspiring students that success should be pursued with integrity and genuine effort, rather than resorting to fraudulent means.


It is a collective responsibility of educational institutions, government bodies, and society as a whole to foster an environment where merit is rewarded and fraud is unequivocally condemned. The case of the dual top scorers from Anambra will undoubtedly serve as a significant lesson and a catalyst for the continued improvement of examination integrity and ethical conduct in the academic realm.


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