Anita Joseph reacts to viral video of Davido’s aide assaulting his fans

Written by on February 14, 2024

Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress, teamed up with skitmaker Mr. Macaroni to condemn the viral video showing Davido’s aide assaulting fans.

The video clips depict Davido’s aide, Lati, physically attacking two fans seeking to interact with the singer. In the initial video, Lati punched a fan attempting to take pictures with Davido at an event. The eager fan, overwhelmed by meeting Davido, tried to approach the singer, only to receive a punch from Lati.

In another clip, Lati delivered a forceful slap to another male fan who attempted to approach Davido.

Expressing her dismay, Anita voiced her disapproval of the incident in a blog comment section, labeling the act as unjust while questioning the circumstances surrounding it.

“This is very unfair. Wetin happen haba na. Shallom biko nu aramashiogri”.

Anita stated:

Anita Joseph carpets Davido's aide for slapping a fan

Earlier, skitmaker and content creator, Mr. Macaroni, took to social media to express his profound dismay upon viewing a troubling video. He found the contents of the video to be deeply distressing, condemning the depicted actions as both condemnable and dehumanizing. His emotional response underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the urgency for collective action to address such behavior.

In his impassioned response, Mr. Macaroni firmly spoke out against the violence depicted in the video, drawing from his own experiences to articulate the profound impact of such actions. By sharing his personal insights, he sought to emphasize the human cost of such behavior and called for greater accountability.

Furthermore, Mr. Macaroni took the opportunity to advocate for societal change, stressing that true transformation must begin with individual responsibility. By emphasizing the importance of personal accountability, he sought to inspire others to reflect on their own actions and contribute to positive change in their communities.

Transitioning to another aspect of the discussion, Mr. Macaroni shifted his focus towards the relationship between celebrities and their fans. He issued a thoughtful reminder to fans, urging them to respect the privacy and boundaries of public figures. By advocating for mutual respect, he aimed to foster healthier interactions between celebrities and their admirers.

In a direct message to fellow celebrities, Mr. Macaroni underscored the importance of treating fans with kindness and dignity. He emphasized the significant impact that celebrities can have on their followers and encouraged his peers to lead by example in their interactions with fans.

Shifting the narrative to past events involving other celebrities, the discourse turned towards instances where fans crossed boundaries during public appearances. Notably, Davido’s reaction during Mohbad’s Candlelight ceremony and his Timeless Concert served as illustrative examples. These incidents underscored the challenges celebrities often face in maintaining their personal space and safety amidst adoring crowds.

Despite these challenges, Davido’s response demonstrated a readiness to protect himself when faced with intrusive behavior from fans. His swift action, coupled with the intervention of security personnel, effectively managed the situation and prevented any escalation of conflict.

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