Ashabi Expresses Undying Love for Singer Portable in Heartfelt Message

Written by on June 19, 2023

Portable’s 4th Baby Mama Expresses Undying Love for Singer in Heartfelt Message

Ashabi Expresses Undying Love for Singer Portable in Heartfelt Message

Ashabi Expresses Undying Love for Portable

In a touching display of affection, Ashabi Simple, the fourth baby mama of Nigerian singer Portable, took to social media to express her deep love and admiration for her partner. Sharing official photos from their child’s recent naming ceremony, Ashabi poured her heart out in a heartfelt message, showcasing the bond they share. Let’s delve into the beautiful words she penned to celebrate their love.

In her emotional note, Ashabi began with a heartfelt prayer for their child, emphasizing the blessings they have received together. She referred to Portable as “Mr Talk and Do,” appreciating his unwavering support, love, and care throughout their relationship. The genuine gratitude expressed in her words highlights the special connection they have built.


Ashabi’s admiration for Portable knows no bounds. She conveyed her unwavering devotion by stating that she would choose to remain a sinner rather than cease loving him, even if society deemed it a crime. Her declaration reflects the depth of their bond and the strength of their love, defying any obstacles that may come their way.

The message from Ashabi Simple to Portable exemplifies a love that transcends societal norms. It is a love that knows no limitations or judgments, a love that celebrates the uniqueness of their relationship. Her words resonate with the courage to embrace love without fear or hesitation.


Transitioning into the Future: As they embark on their journey as parents, Ashabi’s heartfelt message signifies the commitment and dedication they share. Despite any challenges that may arise, their love remains steadfast, promising a future filled with happiness and unity.

Ashabi Simple’s message of undying love to Portable speaks volumes about the depth of their connection. It is a testament to the strength of their relationship and the devotion they have for each other. Their love story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that love knows no boundaries and can triumph over any obstacles. As they continue their journey together, we can only hope that their love grows stronger with each passing day.


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