Audiomack Creator App Hits 1 Million Downloads, Empowering African Artists

Written by on May 18, 2023

Audiomack Creator App Hits 1 Million Downloads, Empowering African Artists

Audiomack Creator App Hits 1 Million Downloads, Empowering African Artists

Audiomack Creator App Hits 1 Million Downloads

Audiomack, Africa’s leading music streaming platform, is celebrating a significant milestone as its Creator app surpasses 1 million downloads. The Creator app has become a game-changer for artists, providing them with a powerful set of tools to enhance their music distribution and creative journey. With the latest update introducing the revolutionary ‘Promote Tab,’ Audiomack continues to empower artists and promote the growth of music in Africa.

Empowering Artists with the Promote Tab:


The upgraded Creator app introduces the ‘Promote Tab,’ a revolutionary tool designed to empower artists on their creative journey. This feature offers user-friendly assets to support artists in promoting their music and enhancing distribution. Artists can now upload music, analyze streaming data, promote content, and receive direct payments all in one platform.

Unlocking Creative Potential:


The Promote Tab provides artists with earned trophies, a treasury of shareable assets that can be used to market their music effortlessly. These assets enable artists to attract fans’ attention and increase plays for their new releases without the need for design work. Artists can easily save, share, and copy links for their releases and profiles, as well as obtain embed codes for seamless integration.

Impressive Achievements and User Engagement:

Since its launch, the Creator app has achieved remarkable success, garnering over one million installations and 1.7 million uploads. This feat has propelled the Creator app to rank among the top 10 iOS music apps in Nigeria. The platform has witnessed a substantial 31% increase in weekly direct uploads, ranging from 65,000 to 75,000 uploads every week.


The Growth Continues:

The app’s growth is evident, with a 65% surge in Creator uploads and a 61% growth in unique uploaders as of March 2023. Approximately 40% of Creator app users share or upload a song each month, showcasing the platform’s engagement and popularity. An impressive 86% of users who initiate an upload successfully complete the process within seven days.


Audiomack’s Vision for Artists:

Charlie Kaplan, Vice President of Product at Audiomack, emphasized the platform’s commitment to empowering artists throughout their career lifecycle. The Creator app leverages Audiomack’s unique strengths, including direct upload and unlimited free storage, to support artists in building their audiences and generating revenue. With ad-tier playback, in-depth analytics, and no-fee monetization features, the Creator app becomes an all-in-one platform for artists to thrive and succeed in the music industry.


The Future of African Music:

Audiomack’s dedication to empowering artists and providing them with the necessary tools sets the stage for African music to reach even greater heights. The Creator app enables artists to focus on creating exceptional music by relieving them of technical concerns. Audiomack aims to be a reliable partner for artists, helping them accomplish their goals and share their unique narratives with fans worldwide.

Audiomack’s Creator app hitting 1 million downloads is a testament to its success in empowering African artists. The platform’s commitment to providing user-friendly tools and support throughout an artist’s career journey showcases its dedication to promoting the growth of music in Africa. With the Creator app and its latest features, Audiomack continues to be a driving force in the African music industry, fostering creativity, and enabling artists to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.

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