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Nigeria Singer Portable has shared an emotional reunion with his son, Ogooluwa whom his mother took away and said she is no longer interested in being with the singer. The baby mama who arrested him has come back begging now that Portable is famous and the singer is thankful. According to the singer, the baby […]

The actress, author, and filmmaker wrote “I find it quite confusing and offensive that most guys nowadays will only propose and only think of proposing to a woman only when she says she’s pregnant. So you’ll be chopping somebody’s daughter for months/years and it won’t click you that she’s wife material all those months/years only […]

The ex BBnaija housemate wrote “humility isn’t nodding your head like agama lizard saying yes sir to everything you’re told or taking everything you’re given even if it’s beneath you.humility in itself is recognizing your worth and knowing not to think of yourself more highly than you ought to. Be humble”

In light of the current tribal challenge going on in Nigeria, ex BBnaija housemate Tboss has revealed the most beautiful women in Africa. She wrote “in Africa when it comes to pretty ladies, Nigerians remain undefeated and that’s in periodt!”

Actress, Adesua Etomi Wellington shared a new beautiful photo to celebrate her birthday as she showered herself with amazing words on the special day. The actress welcomed herself to the new year and affirmed that: “No more hiding, no more cowering, no more shrinking, no more fear. Take your hands off your face.” A number […]

Singer Flavour wasn’t having it when colleague, Onyenze Amobi, tried to spray money on his head at an event. The singer quickly dodged the attempt and Amobi was quick to take the cue. Social media users hilariously noted that Flavour is determined to protect his glory from being stolen.

The billionaire, Prince, Ned Nwoko has taken to social media to disclose that if he will marry a new wife, it won’t be done in secrecy. The billionaire who is Regina’s husband urged people to rest with the rumors as he has been reporting the issue to the police. He wrote: “NED NWOKO MARRIES ANOTHER […]

Actress, Idia Aisien during a chat with Stephanie Coker said someone she doesn’t know gave her Range Rover as a gift two years ago. Idia said she couldn’t use it because her family asked her to return it but the man didn’t take back the gift that came with champagne and other goodies. Nigerians reacted […]

He wrote “As a man, don’t sleep with a woman and brag that you ‘used’ her o. You are fooling yourself. It’s a woman who should brag about using a man. Men only sleep with women they can but women sleep with men they want. Where they want, how they want and when they want” […]

Popular Nollywood filmmaker and actor has come out to say that doing DNA test on a child is not African. He wrote “This DNA thing is not really African. A child born to an African man is the African man’s child. Our fathers held this belief and enjoyed peace of mind. This DNA is tearing […]

A fan on twitter commented “na SKIIBII go collect davido from Chioma last last” to which the singer replied “You are very stupid”

The singer wrote in a tweet “Normalize giving last born monthly money please we are still babies😒😒”

The billionaire’s wife took to social media to reveal how her husband, Prince Ned took off the stress of traveling in a regular plane off her. The actress wrote: “Fun fact: I actually booked my ticket to delta because I’m going for some jobs. But my husband always keeps me stress free and insisted I […]

The ex BBnaija housemate wrote on Twitter “it’s so hard to find real love these days. Good diggers everywhere🤦‍♀️”

The actress wrote “you brought out the whole gist because you were pained and wanted to disgrace your husband or wife. Ok . Social media strangers helped you drag him or her for a few days. You disgraced them. You showed him pepper (or her). All his friends or her friends are laughing at him […]

The singer took to his Twitter page and wrote “in every relationship, submission is a two way street. We just word it differently. When you choose to be with a partner you’ve decided to submit your loyalty, attention, energy ,service and love to that person. So submission is not gender sensitive “

After Nicki Minaj liked her comment on Instagram, The ex BBnaija housemate wrote “Does Nicki Minaj know you??🙄”

Nigeria Actress Mercy Johnson’s kids recently made her proud at their school’s inter-house sports competition. The actress proudly showed off her kids’ medals as she danced around them. Mercy’s last baby however stole the show as she took over the scene with her little dance even though she has no medal.   “We won ❤️😘@isabel […]

E-money’s 40th birthday was packed with celebrities and influential people in the country. Kings showed up to celebrate with the businessman and musicians turned up to give electrifying performances. Davido entered the venue with his crew members as expected, someone wrote: “Baddest always there for his friends.”  

Davido yesterday stormed the wedding venue of his baby mama Chioma Avril’s elder sister. The musician showed support for his ex-fiancee’s sister as he took over the floor to perform some of his hit songs. Some of his crew members were also in attendance. The bride and groom were overjoyed to have Davido perform at […]

Blessing Okagbare, Nigeria’s 2008 long jump silver medalist, has reacted to the decision of the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) to hand her a 10-year-ban for doping violations. Nigeria sprinter Blessing Okagbare, was expelled from the Tokyo Olympics last year before the women’s 100m semi-finals after testing positive for human growth hormone at an out-of-competition test […]

Recently, Nigerian singer, Johnny Drille, released a song titled, titled ‘You are just single’, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The song elicited mixed reactions from fans, especially a line that says, ‘Jesus didn’t have a val’. In an interview with Saturday Beats, Drille maintained that one did not need to have a date for Valentine’s Day […]

The popular rapper wrote “Dear men, women don’t DRESS FOR YOU. DO MAKEUP FOR YOU. DO THEIR HAIR FOR YOU. Just like most of y’all only fuck for YOU and not the woman’s pleasure. THIS ALL FOR US this ain’t ABOUT YOU NOW GO tnx for COMING”

Singer Peruzzi has said that he cannot sing about something he’s never experienced. In a post he wrote “I can’t sing about what I ain’t experienced. I can’t write about suffering “  

Popular relationship expert blessingCEO has made an observation. In a post the relationship expert wrote “let me shade many men!!! If women decide not to eat many men’s money, what will you give them? The only thing many men can give is money, that is why they’re finding it so difficult now that women can […]

popular singer, Skiibii has made a declaration. He wrote “Funny how money makes a relationship stronger and love takes all the credit”  

Popular music producer has said that love is not enough. In a post he wrote “love is not enough for you to be in a relationship “

Popular relationship expert blessing CEO has announced that she is pregnant by showing off her baby bump. In the video which she captioned “can’t hide it anymore she’s a girl” she also revealed the gender of the child.  

The actress wrote “motivational speakers…. when inspiring… everything…. you always leave out the dirt….. we wanna hear it all”

Whilst making a post concerning the fuel scarcity in the country, the singer wrote “if you’re dating a fuel attendant this period your level is high You made the right decision in life😂”

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