Ayra Starr slams guys who critiqued her recent outfit

Written by on November 6, 2023

Ayra Starr slams guys who critiqued her recent outfit

In recent headlines, Ayra Starr faced criticism for her latest performance, particularly from male audiences, due to her unique outfit choice.
In response, Ayra Starr took to her social media platforms to directly address the issue. She didn’t hold back, labeling those critiquing her outfit as “useless men” and accusing them of seeking attention.


The situation escalated as she boldly declared that her actions primarily cater to her female audience, instructing others to “stay away” if they didn’t belong to that target group. She characterized the entire situation as “disgusting.”

“A bunch of useless men in my CS telling me what to wear and what I shouldn’t, shey e ni ise ni? MF cl ut ch sers

Like I said everything I do is for the girlies and ~ * stay the fk away you are not the target audience! Disg ting


Btw I don’t care at all , I’m just pointing out how st id they look from here incase they’re not aware

Despite her strong words, the men in the comment section continued to engage with her. Some comments took a particularly derogatory tone, with one individual even asking if she was wearing “pampers” underneath her outfit. Ayra Starr, undeterred, responded with confidence, revealing that she had earned a degree at the age of 18 and asserting that she would not recognize an “empty head” even if it was right in front of her.


Ayra Starr’s recent controversy isn’t her first time in the spotlight. In September, she made waves when she declined a Headies award. Despite being named the best female artist, the award was given to her backstage, not on stage.

Ayra Starr publicly rejected the award, expressing her reluctance to show appreciation for an honor that didn’t receive on-stage recognition. She emphasized the contrast in treatment between her and male artists who enjoyed on-stage acknowledgment.


Moreover, Ayra Starr’s decision to follow Ilebaye, the latest Big Brother Naija All Stars winner, on social media stirred speculation and fan reactions. Some believed this might incite jealousy among other housemates, adding to the online drama surrounding her.

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