BBNaija’s Bella Chooses Love Over Family Objections

Written by on June 21, 2023

BBNaija's Bella Chooses Love Over Family Objections

Bella and Sheggz

Sheggz Relationship Still Going Strong

In a revelation during the ‘Level Up’ reunion show, former Big Brother Naija housemate Esther Okagbue, popularly known as “Bella,” confirmed that her relationship with fellow ex-housemate Sheggz remains intact despite objections from her family.

When questioned by the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, about the status of their relationship, Bella explained that even though her family advised her against dating Sheggz, she made the conscious decision to continue the relationship as an adult who knows what she wants.


“I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw Sheggz because he is my type of guy. I never intended to date anyone on national TV, but I had no choice. What I felt for him was real. My family told me not to date him, but I am an adult and I have made my choice. We are in a relationship as I speak,” Bella confidently expressed.

Sheggz, on his part, expressed his gratitude towards Bella for standing by him despite the challenges they faced. He acknowledged her loyalty and thanked her publicly for her unwavering support.

“I believe Bella is a true partner who stood by me. I want to publicly thank her on live television. She means a lot to me. There were many beautiful girls in the house, but I only felt a deep connection with Bella. We quickly got to know each other, and things progressed from there. I can never lie to someone’s daughter on national television. I have met her family, answered their questions, and explained everything. She has also connected with my family, and there is peace. I want to express my gratitude to her for sticking by me through it all,” Sheggz expressed with sincerity.


Throughout the 72-day duration of the show, Bella and Sheggz maintained a romantic relationship. The show, which featured 28 housemates, aired from July 23 to October 2, 2022.

Despite facing opposition from her family, Bella’s unwavering commitment to her relationship with Sheggz has shown her determination to follow her heart. Love often defies expectations and societal norms, and Bella’s decision to prioritize her connection with Sheggz over family objections highlights her strength and independence.


In the unpredictable realm of reality TV romance, Bella and Sheggz have proven that their bond extends beyond the confines of the show. Their willingness to face scrutiny, engage with their families, and navigate challenges together demonstrates their commitment to building a lasting relationship.

As the BBNaija journey continues to impact the lives of its participants, Bella and Sheggz serve as a reminder that love can triumph over obstacles. Their story resonates with audiences who understand the complexities of navigating relationships in the public eye.


We wish Bella and Sheggz continued happiness and success in their journey together, and we look forward to witnessing their love story unfold beyond the realms of reality TV.


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