Beauty and Groovy Open Up About Their Relationship

Written by on June 23, 2023

Beauty and Groovy Open Up About Their Relationship

Beauty and Groovy

The drama continues as the former Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates gathered for the highly-anticipated ‘Level Up’ reunion show. In episode 8, Beauty Tukura and Groovy take the spotlight as they addressed the toxicity in their relationship. Both housemates shared their perspectives, shedding light on their genuine emotions and the challenges they faced during their time together.

Beauty Tukura, without hesitation, asserts that her love for Groovy was sincere and genuine. She emphasizes that she never played games with his heart, as she considers herself a realist. During the show, Beauty candidly states, “[My relationship with Groovy] was real at that time. I was being genuine from start to finish. And that was what it was.”


Being true to herself, Beauty explained that her approach in the house mirrored her personality outside. If she liked someone, it was genuine, and if she didn’t, it was equally honest. She wanted to make it clear that her feelings for Groovy was authentic, despite any misunderstandings or challenges they faced during their time together.

In response to Beauty’s claims, Groovy stepped up to defend himself, shedding light on his side of the story. He revealed that Beauty was the one who body-shamed him and ultimately ended their relationship. Groovy expressed his hurt and frustration at being labeled a “player” by some of the housemates after the incident.


Asserting his authenticity, Groovy emphasized that he approached their relationship with honesty and without any ulterior motives. He expressed his disappointment at the way he was perceived by others, stating, “I came clean. I’m a real person. I didn’t come with any games, I didn’t come with anything.”

Groovy shared his dismay at the consequences he faced within the house following their breakup. He explained how the perception of him as a player led to his isolation from the group, leaving him feeling hurt and misunderstood. He acknowledged that Beauty played a significant role in the fallout of their relationship, expressing his frustrations by saying, “This [pointing at Beauty] is literally a lady that ended the relationship. Body-shamed me.”

The reunion show serves as a platform for both housemates to share their perspectives and provide insight into the challenges they faced during their time in the Big Brother Naija house. With more revelations to come, fans eagerly await the next episode, keeping their eyes peeled for further twists and turns in the lives of their favorite reality stars.

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