Big Brother Naija Phyna slams Kess’ ex-wife over allegations on Christy O

Written by on October 5, 2023

Big Brother Naija Phyna slams Kess’ ex-wife over allegations on Christy O

Big Brother Naija Phyna slams Kess’ ex-wife

The winner of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ edition, Phyna, has expressed her disapproval of Della Morales, the wife of her colleague Kess, regarding allegations made against Christy O.

Last week, Kess’ wife made her accusations of infidelity and domestic abuse public. She asserted that she had been financially supporting Kess and his family throughout their marriage. Consequently, she was devastated upon discovering that he was engaged in a romantic relationship with his colleague, Christy O. Due to financial constraints, Kess and Christy O were living together in Lekki.

Her suspicions led her to confront Kess, who predictably denied the allegations. However, she later stumbled upon chat messages that confirmed her suspicions.

In response, Phyna criticized Kess’ wife, urging her to refrain from manipulative tactics and emotional manipulation. Phyna highlighted the tendency for the public to believe a woman’s side of the story, even if it may not be entirely truthful.

In another post, she told her to allow her husband and his colleague, Christy O be, and stop chasing clout.

“Just wow. Take it easy with the manipulations and emotional blackmail.
We know the world will believe the woman. But even you know you are lying.

Imagine leaving wetin matter dey talk wetin nor matter.
Enough of all this shit.
If clout didn’t dey, e didn’t dey.
Stop twisting his words.
Let Kess and Christy O breet…..”.

Phyna tackles Kess' wife
Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija

Kess, in addressing the family issues, mentioned that his wife exhibited manipulative behavior, displayed signs of insecurity, and often caused confusion by speaking with contradictory statements.

He admitted that he was aware of some of her eccentricities but had not fully grasped the extent of her behavior.

Continuing to air their grievances publicly, she recently disclosed that she had canceled his American visa, a decision that greatly angered Kess.

She also recounted instances when she would contact him while she was abroad, only to discover Christy O unexpectedly in his room. His explanation that they were just friends did little to ease her concerns.

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