Biola Bayo voices out as Mohbad’s death leaves many restless

Written by on September 22, 2023

Biola Bayo voices out as Mohbad’s death leaves her and many others restless

Biola Bayo voices out over Mohbad’s death

Nollywood star Biola Bayo is one of many celebrities deeply affected by the untimely passing of the emerging Nigerian musician, Mohbad. The 27-year-old singer, who was also a father, tragically lost his life just last week, reportedly due to complications arising from an ear injection.

Even though a week has passed since Mohbad’s departure, the questions surrounding the circumstances of his death continue to trouble many. On her Instagram account, Biola Bayo expressed how Mohbad’s former record label, Marlian, along with his family, devoted fans, and fellow celebrities, are all grappling with the profound loss.


Amid offering her prayers, she emphasized the enduring impact some individuals have, even in their passing. Biola Bayo also shared her struggles with maintaining her mental well-being, deeply affected by the distressing videos she has encountered online. She poignantly observed that Mohbad’s music has taken on a new significance, akin to a form of worship.

“Na wa oh! Mohbad songs are now sounding like praise and worship that’s always in my head. This is a typical example of E ni sun (You will not sleep). Abi how many people are sleeping again bayi? Tried avoiding social media iro! Na everywhere you go like MTN. Justice for Mohbad make all of us rest o.


People wey do Malians no rest, even all of us Unmalian people no get peace of mind. Indeed some people shine in death. May we not die before our glory”.

Biola Bayo having sleepless nights over Mohbad

Biola Bayo is not the sole celebrity grappling with sleepless nights. Renowned Afrobeat artist David Adeleke, better known as Davido, has also shared his struggles with insomnia.

Davido disclosed that he has been finding it difficult to sleep ever since the passing of Mohbad and the controversies surrounding his death. He mentioned that Mohbad’s presence seems to linger strongly, causing restlessness.


Likewise, Bella Shmurda, a close friend of the late Mohbad, has spoken out about the lingering influence of Mohbad’s spirit on his own sleep patterns. Bella took to his Twitter account to express his sorrow over the sudden and enigmatic demise of the talented singer. According to him, Mohbad’s spirit has been a constant presence in his life since the tragic event, refusing to let him find peace.

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