Blessing CEO advises couples not to tell their partners everything about their past

Written by on February 14, 2024

In a recent episode of the Pulse Hot Takes podcast focused on relationships, Nigerian relationship expert Blessing CEO advised couples to avoid disclosing everything about their pasts to each other to prevent judgment. She emphasized the importance of maintaining some level of secrecy regarding personal histories within relationships.

I don’t believe in telling your boyfriend everything about your past because old things have passed away and all things have become new. The only thing you should be able to tell your partner is things that affect them,” she said.

If someone tells us about their past, we would subconsciously judge them,” she emphasised.

The CEO of Blessing emphasized the potential for judgment after opening up, as she believed humans tend to be judgmental.

“When I start telling him things like ‘ I had sugar daddy’s when I was in school’, let me tell you how the human mind works. Naturally, we are judgmental no matter what. If someone walks in here in a skimpy skirt, even if you don’t say it your eyes would have already judged the person. That’s why I always tell women to learn to shut up, and men ‘What do you want to know?’” she said.

Blessing went further to hammer on the importance of forgetting all about our partner’s past when getting into a new relationship. According to her, people seldom judge other people without realizing it.

“It doesn’t help to want to know everything, it kills the relationship. When you meet someone, forget their past, they’re like brand new. It’s like selling your phone, they will format and wipe it first. Our minds are like computers, If someone tells us about their past, we would subconsciously judge them, and mark the word ‘subconsciously’. Why do want to know her past, many men dig up things that they can’t bury. Men say they want the truth but can they take the truth, let the past be the past,” she said.


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