Bukunmi Oluwasina laments over the hardship in the country

Written by on February 20, 2024

Bukunmi Oluwasina, a Nollywood actress, recently addressed the ongoing hardship in the country on her Instagram page.

She shared a heartfelt post expressing her difficulty in remaining indifferent to the suffering around her. Witnessing her loved ones endure hardship without being able to offer assistance pains her deeply.

Oluwasina admitted to avoiding her DMs recently due to the distressing messages she receives, which negatively impacts her mental well-being.

Bukunmi highlighted the distressing reality that people from all walks of life, including the poor, middle class, and wealthy, are now seeking financial help.

Furthermore, Bukunmi Oluwasina lamented the systemic failures in the country, where even a monthly salary fails to provide adequate sustenance for a week.

She acknowledged that while inflation is a global issue, the situation in Nigeria surpasses that of other countries.

“As much as I really want to mind my business for 2024, it’s hard. It hard cos it hurts. It hurts watching the people you love and care so much about suffer, and you can’t do anything about it, because no matter how much you have or what you do, you can’t solve everybody’s problems.

I have been avoiding my DM for days now, cos every time I open it, it messes up my mental health. Both poor, averagely okay and even rich, are now begging for financial assistance.
Nothing is working. A month salary can’t even feed you for a week, let alone the whole family.

Yeah, inflation is in every country, (That’s the excuse) but hell no, it’s not as worse as what’s happening in Nigeria.
I mean, Seeing posts of people dying of hunger. How? Why?
What the f**** is going on??????!!!!!

It’s funny how, cos despite all of these, everywhere is so quiet”.

Bukunmi Oluwasina says the rich too are begging for financial assistance
Bukunmi Oluwasina says the rich too are begging for financial assistance

Over the weekend, actress Debbie Shokoya voiced her frustration with the economy, expressing how she had refrained from complaining about Nigeria’s issues but now feels overwhelmed.

Debbie questioned whether the government has any positive plans for its citizens, citing the lack of electricity, skyrocketing fuel prices, high food costs, and widespread complaints from business owners.

Mercy Aigbe also joined the conversation, directing a heartfelt plea to Seyi Tinubu, the President’s son.

On her Instagram page, the mother of two highlighted the dire circumstances in the country, with people suffering from hunger and deaths due to the economic crisis. She emphasized the desperate measures individuals are taking to survive.

Mercy criticized the current state of affairs and urged the government to take action. Addressing Seyi Tinubu directly, she appealed for his intervention, asking him to advocate on behalf of the struggling citizens to his father.

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