Nigerian Singer Chidinma Ekile Reveals She Was Born Blind, Shares Inspiring Journey to Regaining Her Sight

Written by on May 4, 2023

Chidinma Ekile shares how she was born blind, and journey to regaining her sight

Chidinma Ekile reveals she was born blind, shares journey to regaining her sight

Chidinma Ekile

Nigerian music star, Chidinma Ekile, who recently made a switch to gospel music, has opened up about being born visually impaired. The singer revealed in a YouTube video that she was born blind and didn’t open her eyes at all. Her parents made efforts to get her to see, but all their efforts were in vain, and they eventually turned to God. Her mother made a vow to dedicate her to God, and miraculously, she regained her sight.

Chidinma mentioned that although she could see, her eyes were blood red, and her parents had to try other means to correct it. She said being a “covenant child,” she couldn’t be at her best in life areas without God, and she has decided to let everything in her life depend on Him.


The music star shared her story to urge people to find their way to God, whom she describes as “the source.” She emphasized that she couldn’t achieve anything without Him.

Chidinma gained prominence in 2010 after winning the third season of Project Fame West Africa. Her ‘Emi Ni Baller’ music video propelled her to new heights, as she became the first female artist to reach number one on the MTV Base Official Naija Top 10 chart.


In May 2021, Chidinma announced on Instagram that she had shifted her focus towards gospel music and Christian ministry. She debuted her first gospel single, ‘Jehovah Overdo,’ that same month. The singer’s debut extended play, ‘New Season,’ was released on August 20, 2021.

Chidinma’s story is an inspiration to many, and her message of faith and perseverance in the face of challenges is an encouragement to those going through similar situations.

Ekile’s announcement that she has become a gospel artist took many people by surprise. However, what was more astonishing was her recent revelation about her medical condition.


In a YouTube video that she shared on her channel, the talented singer disclosed that she was born blind. Chidinma stated that her parents tried everything within their power to help her regain her sight, but all their efforts proved abortive.

After several failed attempts, her mother made a vow to dedicate her to God, and miraculously, she regained her sight. However, when she opened her eyes, they were blood red, which caused her parents to worry even more.


Despite being able to see, Chidinma’s parents were still worried, which led them to seek various remedies.

Chidinma did not realize the extent of her parents’ concern until she was much older.


“I was born blind actually, I didn’t open my eyes at all, and that became a challenge. My parents tried all that they could to get me to see. Without my knowledge, my mum made a deal with God,” she said.

Chidinma explained that being a “covenant child,” she realized that she could not thrive without God’s help. Therefore, she has now chosen to move with God and make Him the center of her life.


The award-winning singer urged people to seek God’s help, whom she described as “the source” in the video. Chidinma also shared her journey of faith and how it has brought her to where she is now.

In May 2021, Chidinma surprised her fans by announcing that she was switching to gospel music and Christian ministry. Her debut gospel single, ‘Jehovah Overdo,’ was released that same month, and it has been a massive success, with many commendations.

Chidinma’s first gospel EP, New Season, was released on August 20, 2021. The EP features six tracks, including the hit single ‘Jehovah Overdo.’ The songs on the EP all have a powerful message, as expected of her.


Ekile’s story is an inspiration to many, and it shows that with faith and determination, anything is possible.

Chidinma’s music has had positive impacts on her fans, and her transition to gospel music has made her more popular. The singer’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her many accolades, and she continues to be a role model for many young Nigerians.


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