Davido publicly acknowledges second son ‘Dawson’

Written by on June 14, 2023

Davido publicly acknowledges second son 'Dawson'


Introducing His Son, Dawson

In an exclusive interview on the popular AB Talks show, Nigerian music sensation Davido made a heartfelt revelation, confirming the existence of his son, Dawson, with his alleged fourth baby mama, Larissa London. This announcement comes after months of speculation and rumours surrounding the artist’s connection to the child.

During the interview, Davido opened up about the significance of naming his daughters after his late mother, emphasizing the strong resemblance between his second daughter and his beloved mum. In a proud and affectionate tone, he shared, “I named both my daughters after my mum. Hailey is the exact replica of my mum; my second daughter is just like my mum. It’s crazy. It’s like she came in her. I have a son too. His name is Dawson. He lives in London right now.”


The revelation left fans and followers elated as they finally received confirmation of Dawson’s paternity. Prior to this moment, Davido had kept silent and refrained from addressing the rumours, which had gained momentum due to the striking resemblance between the young boy and the artist himself.

However, the truth has now come to light. Davido, seeking certainty, had initiated a DNA test to establish the biological connection between him and Dawson. The results of the test undeniably confirmed that Dawson Adeleke is Davido’s biological son, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

For two long years, Davido had kept this aspect of his personal life private, leading to speculation and curiosity among his fans. But now, he has taken a bold step, openly acknowledging his son and expressing his joy as a father.


The confirmation of Dawson’s paternity showcases Davido’s growth and maturity as he embraces the responsibilities of fatherhood. The artist’s willingness to share this news with the world demonstrates his commitment to transparency and authenticity.

As Davido continues to navigate his music career and personal life, the spotlight now shines on his beautiful family, including his daughters, named in honour of his beloved mother, and his precious son, Dawson. Fans eagerly anticipate more glimpses into their lives and the special bond they share.


With this heartfelt revelation, Davido reminds us of the importance of embracing fatherhood and cherishing the blessings that family brings. Dawson’s introduction into the public eye marks a new chapter in Davido’s journey, and we celebrate this joyful moment with him.

Stay tuned for more updates as Davido’s music and personal life continue to intertwine, inspiring fans around the world.


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