D’banj gets sexually assaulted by female fan on stage

Written by on April 26, 2023

D’banj’s On-Stage Encounter: Female Fan Crosses The Line


D’banj harassed on stage

D’banj, the legendary Nigerian music icon, has always been known for his electrifying stage performances, but one particular performance at the Press Play concert in Lagos, Nigeria, recently took a surprising turn.

During the performance, a female dancer who was part of the show decided to take things to a whole new level. As she danced flirtatiously with D’banj, she whispered something into his ear, leaving the award-winning artist visibly shocked.

The dancer then proceeded to go down on her knees and attempt to unzip D’banj’s trousers, with the intention of engaging in sexual acts on stage. The artist was stunned and quickly pulled away, but not before the female fan had crossed a line that should never have been crossed.

This incident is not the first time that male artists have been subjected to sexual propositions and assaults on stage. For instance, Ruger has had to deal with several sexual assaults from female fans trying to kiss him during his performances, while Burna Boy had bras thrown at him during his sold-out MSG concert in 2022.

Despite these occurrences, most male artists seem to take these sexual acts from female fans in their stride. However, it is important to note that these acts are entirely inappropriate and could leave the artists feeling violated and disrespected.

Several male artists have been subjected to sexual harassment and propositions from female fans while performing on stage. Ruger, a Nigerian singer, has been a victim of such incidents. He has shared videos on social media where fans can be seen forcibly trying to kiss him or touch him inappropriately. Burna Boy, another popular Nigerian artist, has also experienced similar situations where female fans throw their bras at him while he performs on stage.



D’banj gets sexually assaulted by female fan on stage

Although such incidents are not limited to the Nigerian music industry, they have become a common occurrence at concerts and live performances. Despite the disturbing nature of these incidents, male artists often laugh them off and continue with their performances, not wanting to disappoint their fans. However, these actions are a clear violation of the artists’ personal space and consent.

It’s essential for fans to understand that artists, like everyone else, have the right to say no to sexual advances and to be respected. The fact that someone is a public figure and performs on stage does not give anyone the right to sexually harass or assault them. It’s crucial for concert organizers and security personnel to take steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the artists on stage.

In conclusion, while it is understandable that fans might get excited and carried away during a performance, it is important to remember that there are boundaries that should never be crossed. D’banj and other artists should be able to perform without fear of being subjected to sexual harassment or assault from fans who should be there to enjoy the music and the entertainment.

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