Drama Unfolds as Mohbad Faces Protest After Ignoring Flooded Venue

Written by on May 17, 2023

 Protest Erupts as Mohbad Ignores Flooded Venue



Nigerian singer Mohbad found himself at the center of a dramatic scene when heavy rainfall flooded the entrance of a venue where he was scheduled to perform. The incident quickly escalated as a bold lady in the crowd demanded that Mohbad come down from his car and walk through the flooded area like everyone else. This sparked a heated debate about celebrity privileges and the expectations placed upon them.

Mohbad arrived at the location, filling the air with anticipation. However, frustration soon replaced excitement as the heavy downpour resulted in flooding at the entrance. Despite the conditions, Mohbad remained in his SUV, seemingly unwilling to subject himself to the inconvenience faced by the audience.


Among the crowd, a lady voiced her discontent, firmly that Mohbad shouldn’t be exempted from the hardships everyone was experiencing. With determination in her voice, she ordered Mohbad to come down from his car and walk through the flooded water into the venue, insisting, “Make Mohbad trek enter. Come down, we no dey hear anything.” Her repeated demands resonated with others who shared her sentiment.

The Chaotic Scene:

The protest quickly gained momentum, leading to an argument between different factions within the crowd. Some individuals attempted to block Mohbad’s car from progressing, while others vehemently protested against obstructing his passage. As tensions flared, emotions ran high, and opinions clashed.


Social Media Reactions: Videos capturing the incident rapidly circulated on social media platforms, fueling conversations and eliciting diverse reactions. Facebook and Twitter users expressed varying viewpoints, passionately defending their stance. Addicted Hero, for example, suggested that the anger directed at Mohbad would be better channeled towards politicians, stating, “Make una free the guy joor. Nah una politicians una suppose channel such anger.” In contrast, Gistmaniac expressed strong disapproval, bluntly stating, “Stupid…” Meanwhile, Kp45 expressed shock at the unfolding drama, using shocked emojis to convey their astonishment. Allsense posed a thought-provoking question, pondering whether the protesters would be willing to walk through floodwaters if they were in the same position as a celebrity.

The Debate: The incident ignited a heated debate about the privileges bestowed upon celebrities and their responsibility to the public. Some argued that celebrities should not be exempt from the challenges faced by ordinary individuals, emphasizing the importance of equality and relatability. They believed that Mohbad should have shown solidarity with the crowd and walked through the flooded entrance. On the other hand, others took a more sympathetic stance, recognizing the logistical challenges faced by celebrities and highlighting their need for security and smooth event coordination.



The incident served as a reminder of the power of social media in amplifying public scrutiny and shaping conversations. It highlighted the diverse perspectives on how celebrities should navigate challenging situations and the expectations placed upon them. As the online discourse continued, it became evident that public figures constantly face scrutiny, with a vast and vocal online community dissecting and debating their actions.

The dramatic scene at Mohbad’s flooded venue sparked a protest and ignited a passionate debate about celebrity privileges. The incident showcased the power of social media to amplify voices and shed light on contrasting perspectives. As the conversation continues, it prompts us to reflect on the expectations we have of celebrities and the role they play in our society. Ultimately, this incident serves as a reminder that public figures are not exempt from the challenges faced by the general public and that their actions are subject to scrutiny and discussion.


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