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Written by on July 19, 2023

Eniola Badmus breaks silence on accusations of pimping girls to top politicians

Eniola Badmus breaks silence

Eniola Badmus, a prominent Nollywood actress, has taken the opportunity to finally address the serious allegations leveled against her. A Nigerian lady accused her of engaging in the profession of pimping girls to powerful politicians across the country. The video of these accusations quickly went viral, stirring up considerable controversy.

She claimed that Eniola connects girls to top politicians all over Nigeria.


“Eniola Badmus is a Professional Pimp, she connects Small small girls to Big Politicians all over Nigeria”, the lady said in a viral video.

In response to the allegations, Eniola Badmus decided to use her Instagram platform to issue a cautionary message to social media users. She emphasized the importance of treading carefully and responsibly when it comes to discussing sensitive topics or making accusations.


The curvaceous actress made it clear that she has heard many rumors and negative comments over the years, but she has learned not to let them affect her. In fact, Eniola declared herself as someone belonging to the leagues of individuals who do not pay heed to idle gossip or unfounded claims. Instead of dwelling on negativity, she chooses to focus on her career and the positive aspects of her life.

The accusations of being a professional pimp and connecting girls to politicians are undoubtedly serious and can have far-reaching consequences on a person’s reputation. However, Eniola Badmus opted not to engage in a direct response to the allegations. Instead, she subtly dismissed them, displaying her resilience and maturity in handling such controversies.


“Trend carefully.

“Won ti je Badoskyy leti lol… Set Awon ko gbo nkankan… Zero answering”, she wrote in Yoruba.


Eniola Badmus addresses reports of pimping girls to politicians

As a public figure, Eniola’s ordeal serves as a reminder that one’s reputation can easily be tarnished by baseless rumors, and it is crucial for individuals to respond in a manner that protects their dignity and integrity.


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