Israel Adesanya Asserts Asset Protection Following Split with Ex-Girlfriend

Written by on May 31, 2023

 Israel Adesanya Asserts Asset Protection Following Split with Ex-Girlfriend

 Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya and Ex Girlfriend

UFC middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, has made it clear to his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, that his assets are safeguarded, drawing a parallel to the situation involving Achraf Hakimi.

As we know, Hakimi is currently going through divorce proceedings with Spanish actress Hiba Abouk. It has been reported that the Moroccan footballer has placed all his wealth under his mother’s name, effectively preventing Abouk from claiming any part of his fortune.


Adesanya, who recently ended his relationship with Powdrell, finds himself in a similar scenario. Powdrell has taken him to court, seeking a portion of his wealth. However, Adesanya expressed his displeasure with Powdrell’s sense of entitlement, highlighting how she entered his life with nothing and now desires to depart with millions.

Nevertheless, Adesanya reassured that his assets are secure, and Powdrell won’t be receiving a single penny from his wealth. In an Instagram story, he boldly stated, “Very relatable… Imagine being so fuken entitled that you think you deserve what a man has worked his whole life for. When you came into his life with nothing and tried to leave with millions. But like Achraf Hakimi, my assets are protected. I woulda taken half her sht too, but I don’t want half of NOTHING.”


Adesanya’s statement sparked conversations on social media platforms, with fans expressing their support for the champion and drawing comparisons to Hakimi’s case. The hashtag #HakimiRule gained traction, with many applauding the footballer for protecting his assets.

One user commented, “HAKIMI RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SAVES ALL MEN Cool Cool Cool.” Another chimed in, “HAKIMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the color beneath your skin?”

While some focused on the specific case, others broadened the discussion. A user expressed skepticism about the claims an “ex-girlfriend” could make on a man’s money, stating, “….but what claim does an ‘ex-girlfriend’ have on a man’s money?? Roll Eyes Roll Eyes.”


In response, another user highlighted the importance of protecting oneself, even in foreign countries. They noted that in Western countries, even casual partners can make claims, leading to an increase in cautious behavior among men and the emergence of diverse relationship dynamics.

Israel Adesanya’s firm stance on protecting his assets sends a message about personal boundaries and financial independence. It serves as a reminder that individuals should be vigilant in safeguarding their hard-earned wealth, especially in the face of relationship dynamics that may involve claims on their resources.


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