Jay Z’s movie “The Book of Clarence” featuring tracks from Yemi Alade and Adekunle Gold in Nigerian Cinemas soon

Written by on February 14, 2024

The highly anticipated Hollywood film, “The Book Of Clarence,” featuring mesmerizing soundtracks by Yemi Alade and Adekunle Gold, is set to grace Nigerian cinemas in April this year.

Jay Z's movie The Book of Clarence

The excitement surrounding the inclusion of Nigerian music sensations in the movie’s soundtrack has been palpable, igniting enthusiasm among fans across the country. From online forums to social media platforms, discussions about this collaboration have been buzzing with anticipation and curiosity. While some have hailed the movie as a potential masterpiece, others have voiced concerns about its depiction of biblical themes, sparking a wide range of reactions and opinions within the fan community.

However, amidst the diverse reactions and debates surrounding the movie, there is one undeniable source of joy for music lovers: the involvement of Adekunle Gold and Yemi Alade in the soundtrack.

Their contributions add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the film’s release, drawing in fans eager to experience their unique musical talents in a new cinematic context.

As the release date for  Jay z’s “The Book of Clarence” draws nearer, fans of both Adekunle Gold and Yemi Alade are eagerly counting down the days until they can witness their favorite artists’ contributions on the big screen. The prospect of hearing their voices and music in a movie setting adds an extra dimension of excitement to the overall viewing experience, making the film’s release a highly anticipated event for music and movie enthusiasts alike.

Penned and directed by Jeymes Samuel, “The Book of Clarence” promises to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience that combines elements of comedy, drama, and biblical storytelling. Set against the backdrop of 33 A.D., the film follows the journey of a young man striving for a better life, whose path intersects with the extraordinary events surrounding the rise of the Messiah.

Produced by a stellar team comprising Jay-Z, James Lassiter, and Tendo Nagenda, the film’s production values and star-studded cast have raised expectations among moviegoers. With Adekunle Gold’s contribution to the song “Jeezu,” alongside American rappers Doja Cat and Kodak Black, and Yemi Alade’s vocals on “Sacred Love,” the soundtrack promises to be a standout aspect of the film, adding depth and emotion to its narrative.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Legendary Entertainment, “The Book of Clarence” boasts an ensemble cast featuring some of Hollywood’s finest talent.

From LaKeith Stanfield and James McAvoy to Teyana Taylor and Omar Sy, the film showcases a diverse array of actors bringing its compelling characters to life on the big screen.

In addition to its stellar cast, the film also features guest appearances from international music superstars, further enhancing its appeal to a global audience. With cameos from Jay-Z, Jorja Smith, Lil Wayne, Shabba Ranks, Kid Kudi, and Buju Banton, “The Book of Clarence” promises to be a star-studded affair that transcends geographical boundaries and cultural barriers.

Having already made its debut in the United States earlier this year, “The Book of Clarence” is poised to make a splash in Nigerian cinemas on April 12, 2024. As fans eagerly anticipate its release, the film’s unique blend of music, drama, and biblical storytelling promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on viewers around the world.


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