Joke Silva reveals effect of Olu Jacobs’ health condition on marriage

Written by on July 3, 2023

Veteran Joke Silva flaunts nephews days after opening up on husband’s illness

Veteran Joke Silva 

Joke Silva engaged in a heartfelt conversation regarding the profound effect of her husband Olu Jacobs’ illness on their marital journey.

In an interview conducted by media personality Nancy Isime, Joke openly discussed how her husband’s deteriorating health has introduced strains into their relationship.


Acknowledging the difficulties they’re encountering, Joke Silva honestly recognized that the man she has shared her life with is now transformed by his health struggles. Yet, amid these changes, she expressed her enduring affection for the person he has evolved into.

Journeying through a process of acceptance, Joke reached a pivotal realization that their present reality significantly diverges from their past. She divulged that nearly 80% of the time, the man she once knew is altered due to health challenges. Nonetheless, she stands by him with resolute support and unwavering affection.


Despite the hurdles they are navigating, Joke warmly reminisced about the beautiful moments they experienced when his health was robust. She offered heartfelt praise for his remarkable role as an exceptional husband, extending his greatness not only to her but also to their children.

Joke Silva Reveals Olu Jacobs’ Health Condition

In 2021, Joke Silva openly discussed Olu Jacobs’ health situation. This followed fellow actor Jide Kosoko’s praise for Joke Silva’s unwavering care for her husband, Olu Jacobs, despite his prolonged ailment.


During an interview with Chude Jideonwo, she shared that Olu Jacobs was contending with dementia and Lewy body, a brain condition similar to Parkinson’s.

“This ailment had been affecting him for some years. It’s a tough circumstance for Olu and their family, as he grapples with understanding the situation, and they confront the challenges of supporting him through it”.


Talking openly about this health issue was a significant move for Joke, who expressed gratitude for the moments of clarity amidst the challenges. She mentioned missing their collaborative work moments and yearning for the return of the former Olu Jacobs.

Despite the difficulties, Joke Silva’s dedication to being there for her husband and providing him with care and affection is evident. Their journey through this illness has been demanding, yet they remain strong and thankful for the support they receive.


Through her transparency, Joke Silva not only shed light on Olu Jacobs’ health condition but also showcased the depth of their marital bond, gathering respect and understanding from fans and well-wishers.



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