Kizz Daniel reveals highly anticipated album “Maverick” with additional tracklist

Written by on July 26, 2023

Kizz Daniel reveals highly anticipated album “Maverick” with additional tracklist

Kizz Daniel

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Kizz Daniel is gearing up to thrill his fans with his upcoming album “Maverick.” Renowned for pushing creative boundaries in his music, the internationally acclaimed artist, also known as Vado The Great, promises to deliver a magnum opus that showcases his true self-expression.

Diving into the Soul: The Inspiration Behind “Maverick”

For the first time, Kizz Daniel opened up about his deeply personal side that he has kept hidden for so long.


He shares his thoughts, “The only thing that kept coming to my mind when we were making this album was pretty much, I want to do what I know how to do, I want to make music the way I want to make music. For Maverick, It’s my expression, I think the inspiration about it just explained itself now. I want to give a piece of me that I have been hiding all this while.” This statement sheds light on the inspiration behind his forthcoming album, which promises to be a journey through his emotions, love, growth, resilience, and introspection.

A Musical Evolution: Themes and Diversity in “Maverick”

“Maverick” is set to showcase Kizz Daniel’s artistic growth and authenticity as he bares his soul through infectious hooks and thought-provoking lyrics. The album delves into love, resilience, personal growth, and emotional depth themes. Fans can expect a mature and intimate musical journey as Kizz Daniel takes them on a rollercoaster of emotions.


Embracing Authenticity: Kizz Daniel’s Maverick Identity

Kizz Daniel, in describing the inspiration behind the album title, says, “Maverick is just basically someone that sticks out, someone that doesn’t go with the norms, someone that goes their own way, and I have always seen myself as a maverick from the onset. I feel I’ve been shying away from embracing it, so I’ve decided to embrace it, and that is why I went for the title Maverick.”

With this album, Kizz Daniel is ready to fully embrace his maverick identity and showcase his unorthodox style and signature sound. It’s evident that he’s ready to deliver a unique and captivating musical experience to his fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.


A Sneak Peek at the “Maverick” Tracklist

Kizz Daniel Upcoming Album “Maverick”

Here’s a glimpse of the exciting tracklist for Kizz Daniel’s “Maverick”:

  1. Red & Green
  2. My G
  3. Flex
  4. Cough
  5. Show You Off
  6. Shuperu
  7. Buga
  8. Feran You Two
  9. Feran Mi
  10. Complicated
  11. E’Better
  12. Blood is Thicker
  13. One Dollar
  14. Easy to Love
  15. Pour
  16. Never
  17. Anchovy
  18. RITD
  19. Side Chick
  20. Cough Remix

Collaborations that Spark Creativity

In “Maverick,” Kizz Daniel collaborates with a mix of renowned hitmakers and emerging prodigies, bringing a fresh and captivating dynamic to the album. This fusion of talent is expected to elevate the musical experience for listeners and add an extra layer of excitement to the album’s release.


The Anticipated Release Date

Fans need not wait much longer, as “Maverick” is scheduled for release on 28th July 2023. With Kizz Daniel’s commitment to artistic growth and his passion for pushing creative boundaries, this album promises to be a true masterpiece that resonates with music lovers worldwide.

Kizz Daniel’s upcoming album, “Maverick,” is an eagerly awaited project that promises to be a remarkable journey into the artist’s soul. With its unique themes, heartfelt lyrics, and diverse collaborations, the album is set to captivate audiences and solidify Kizz Daniel’s position as a true maverick in the music industry. Mark your calendars for 28th July 2023, and prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical experience.


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