Mohbad’s management reportedly sues his father for defamation of character, demands N200million

Written by on January 19, 2024

Mohbad’s Management has taken legal action against Joseph Aloba, the late singer’s father, for defamation of character. Days ago, Kemi Filani reported the father’s skepticism about Mohbad’s will, questioning how a well-educated 26-year-old could have a thumbprinted will instead of a signed one.

Challenging the validity of the will, Joseph Aloba expressed doubt, claiming it was doctored. He highlighted the presence of a lawyer at Mohbad’s house during the news of his death, emphasizing the absence of a doctor.

Responding to the allegations, Mohbad’s Management refuted claims of a will, emphasizing the absence of any thumbprinted document. They urged Mohbad’s father and others to refrain from spreading false information.

Subsequently, Mohbad’s Management has initiated legal proceedings against Joseph Aloba, accusing him of defamation of character. In the lawsuit, they reiterated that no will was presented to Mohbad’s father, asserting that his claims were intended to evoke public sympathy.

The legal action demands that Joseph Aloba withdraws his slanderous statement or faces a penalty of N200 million. Mohbad’s Management remains steadfast in clarifying the absence of a will and dispelling misleading statements surrounding the late singer’s affairs.

Mohbad’s management reportedly sues his father for defamation of character, demands N200million

A week later, Joseph Aloba made a significant allegation against his son’s wife, Wunmi, and lawyer, Femi Falana.

Speaking in an interview with MAX FM, he asserted that he faced life-threatening situations orchestrated by his daughter-in-law and her legal representative.

In a plea for assistance, he expressed his distress, stating that he felt unsure about where to reside due to the ongoing threats from Wunmi and Femi Falana, who allegedly aimed to harm him.

Following his son’s demise, Joseph Aloba had accused his son’s widow, Wunmi, of infidelity and even accused her of putting sleeping pills in his noodles. He disclosed his suspicions about Wunmi’s involvement with one of the singer’s signees, citing this as a primary reason for his lack of trust in her.

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