Mr Macaroni Condemns Assault on Police Officer, Calls for Respect and Justice

Written by on May 17, 2023

Macaroni Condemns Assault on Police Officer, Calls for Respect and Justice

Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni

In a recent incident involving the arrest of Afrobeats star Seun Kuti by the Nigerian police, popular actor and activist Adebowale Debo Adedayo, known as Mr Macaroni, has expressed his views on the matter. Taking to Twitter, Macaroni condemned the assault on a police officer by Kuti while emphasizing the need for fairness and respect in seeking justice. He highlighted the importance of understanding the experiences of both citizens and security personnel in order to foster a better society. Additionally, the court has granted Kuti bail, signaling the progress of the ongoing legal proceedings.

Adebowale Debo Adedayo, widely known as Mr Macaroni, has voiced his thoughts on the recent arrest of Seun Kuti, the renowned Afrobeats star, by the Nigerian police. Macaroni took to his Twitter account to express his disapproval of the assault on a police officer carried out by Kuti. However, he also emphasized the significance of respecting Kuti’s rights throughout the pursuit of justice.

The actor and activist acknowledged the swiftness with which the Nigeria Police responded in seeking justice for their fellow officer. At the same time, he called for a similar sense of urgency when it comes to addressing instances where citizens are harassed and subjected to brutality by the police. Macaroni firmly condemned all forms of maltreatment, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rights of both law enforcement personnel and individuals like Seun Kuti.


“While I wholeheartedly condemn any assault on police officers, I also denounce any mistreatment directed at Seun Kuti,” Macaroni stated. “As the police strive to fight for the rights of their own, we must ensure that Seun Kuti’s rights are equally respected. The law should be allowed to take its course.”

Macaroni went on to highlight the need for empathy and understanding, urging the Nigerian police to recognize how individuals feel when subjected to assault, brutality, humiliation, and oppression. Advocating for a society where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, he called upon both the police force and citizens to embrace this principle.

“It should be a battle between good and evil, not a conflict between the police and citizens, as we are all capable of both good and evil,” Macaroni asserted. “If we truly desire a better society, we must promote goodness and reject evil.”


In a positive development, the Magistrate Court in Yaba has granted bail to Seun Kuti. The court also directed him to provide two sureties who own landed properties in Lagos State. Magistrate Adeola Olatunbosun further instructed the police to conclude their investigation within 48 hours, marking an important step in the legal process.

Mr Macaroni’s response to the incident involving Seun Kuti’s arrest and the assault on a police officer reflects his commitment to justice and fairness. By calling for respect and understanding on all sides, he aims to foster a society where everyone is treated with dignity. As the legal proceedings progress, it is crucial to uphold the principles of justice and allow the law to take its course, ensuring a balanced approach for all parties involved.


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