Nasboi Calls Out Bobrisky for Misleading Women with Lavish Display of Wealth

Written by on May 17, 2023

Comedian Nasboi Calls Out Bobrisky for Misleading Women with Lavish Display of Wealth

Comedian Nasboi

Comedian Nasboi and Bobrisky

In a recent social media post, popular comedian Nasboi didn’t hold back as he took a jab at controversial crossdresser Bobrisky. The comedian accused Bobrisky of misleading women with his extravagant lifestyle, following the latter’s revelation of receiving a staggering 15 million naira cash gift from his lover. Nasboi’s criticism sheds light on the impact of such displays on impressionable individuals, highlighting the need for discernment between genuine success and superficial displays of wealth.

Bobrisky, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and controversial persona, recently shared his gratitude to his boyfriend for a significant financial gift. He even provided video evidence to silence skeptics. However, Nasboi wasn’t convinced and called out the crossdresser for misleading women. Nasboi’s statement implies that Bobrisky’s opulent lifestyle may create false expectations and aspirations among women, leading them to believe that such wealth is easily attainable or that it defines success. It raises concerns about the potential consequences of such displays on individuals’ mental well-being and financial decisions.


Nasboi’s remarks sparked a series of reactions from netizens, echoing his sentiments or offering alternative perspectives. One user, thefoodnetworknig2, expressed skepticism, suggesting that people should be cautious about believing Bobrisky’s claims. Another user, nnenna_blinks_, criticized the crossdresser for living a lie to impress people who ultimately do not care about him.

These reactions indicate that Nasboi’s concerns are shared by others who question the authenticity of Bobrisky’s displays and the impact they have on society. It also highlights the importance of critical thinking and discernment when consuming content on social media platforms.

Comedian Nasboi’s concern lies in the potential impact of Bobrisky’s extravagant lifestyle on women. By showcasing immense wealth and luxury, Bobrisky may inadvertently contribute to unrealistic expectations or an unhealthy desire for material possessions. Nasboi’s comment sheds light on the need for individuals to discern between genuine success and superficial displays of wealth. It encourages women to focus on personal growth, self-worth, and authenticity rather than solely relying on external symbols of success. Nasboi’s perspective serves as a reminder that true fulfillment comes from inner achievements and genuine connections, rather than the pursuit of fleeting materialistic goals.


While Nasboi’s criticism may seem directed at Bobrisky, some netizens questioned the responsibility of women in discerning truth from fiction. User gogoman expressed skepticism towards women, suggesting that they should be more discerning and not make excuses for themselves. On the other hand, smart61 offered an alternative perspective, stating that such displays can inspire women to work harder for their own success. These differing opinions highlight the need for individuals, irrespective of gender, to cultivate critical thinking skills and make informed choices based on their own values and aspirations.

The clash between Nasboi and Bobrisky brings attention to the influence of public figures and the responsibility they bear for the messages they convey. Nasboi’s criticism emphasizes the importance of discernment, personal growth, and authenticity in a world often consumed by superficial displays of wealth.

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