Actor Hawwal Ogungbadero, 29 others set Guinness World Record for longest recording session

Written by on May 30, 2023

Nigerian Actor Hawwal Ogungbadero and 29 Artists Make History with Guinness World Record for Longest Recording Session

Nigerian actor Hawwal Ogungbadero, 29 others set Guinness World Record for longest recording session

Actor Hawwal Ogungbadero

In a groundbreaking achievement, Hawwal Ogungbadero, Nigerian actor, entrepreneur, and founder of Blaqk Stereo Music Group (BSMG), along with 29 other talented artists, has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest recording session. The record-breaking feat involved non-stop music production for an astounding 40 hours and 19 minutes, solidifying their place in the prestigious Guinness World Records hall of fame.

Actor Hawwal Ogungbadero, 29 others set Guinness World Record for longest recording session

Actor Hawwal Ogungbadero, 29 others

A Remarkable Feat:


BSMG, a collective of exceptional artists including Lordveejay, Komiti Obakpororo, emrysmanuel, Testii, D’spirit, Skechy wonder, ABK tha emperor, Alabama, Cobby, Scotty, and Enzzyboi, among others, showcased their extraordinary talent and determination during this monumental recording marathon.

Promoting Nigerian Artists:


For Hawwal Ogungbadero, a familiar face in popular TV series like “Jenifa’s Diary” and “Moms at War,” this achievement holds great significance beyond personal triumph. The goal behind this record-breaking attempt was to amplify the voices of Nigerian artists and promote their music on a global platform. By collaborating and showcasing their skills through the Guinness World Records, the artists aimed to draw attention to the wealth of talent within Nigeria’s music industry.

Challenges and Resilience:

Undertaking such a monumental task was no easy feat. Hawwal emphasized the immense effort put into planning and executing this record-setting session, which spanned over three months. The adjudication process was meticulous, but the artists persevered, eventually receiving the coveted approval and certification from Guinness World Records. The recording session took place at the esteemed Sambol Production Studio in Lagos, Nigeria, providing the ideal setting for their creative endeavors.


Celebrating Success:

Hawwal expressed his joy at the accomplishment, affirming that the primary objective had been successfully achieved. He remains dedicated to supporting local artists from his community and offering them a platform to express their creativity. The collective efforts of the talented artists involved in this remarkable venture have not only put their names in the record books but also shone a spotlight on the thriving Nigerian music scene.


Looking Ahead:

With their monumental achievement, Hawwal Ogungbadero and the BSMG artists have paved the way for future endeavors and collaborations. Their success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, highlighting the potential for Nigerian talent to reach global recognition. As their music resonates with audiences around the world, it is a testament to the power of creativity and determination.


The Guinness World Record for the longest recording session now belongs to Nigerian actor Hawwal Ogungbadero and the 29 talented artists of BSMG. Their unwavering passion, resilience, and dedication have not only etched their names in history but have also put Nigerian music on the international stage. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic music industry in Nigeria, showcasing the immense talent within the country’s borders. As their record-breaking journey continues to inspire others, the future holds boundless opportunities for these extraordinary artists and their contributions to the world of music.

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