Omawunmi, ‘Mohbad’s wife’ breaks silence, speaks on conducting DNA

Written by on November 1, 2023

Omawunmi, 'Mohbad’s wife' breaks silence, speaks on conducting DNA

Omawunmi, ‘Mohbad’s wife’ breaks silence, speaks on conducting DNA

Omawunmi, the widowed wife of late Nigerian singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba better known as Mohbad, has finally broken her silence on the several allegations leveled against her.

Since the news of her husband’s demise, many have been pointing accusing fingers at his widow’s wife for allegedly killing the singer. From her late husband’s father to his aunty and then his friends, all have been pointing accusing fingers at her.


Now speaking out to Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, Wunmi stated that she decided not to speak on anything until November 7th, which is the Coroner’s Inquest.

Giving reasons, she stated that she doesn’t want any side distraction and all she wants is justice for her husband which she believes the Nigerian government is working on.


She added that after everything, she will either baby an interview or tell her side of the story before the world and about the DNA, she will definitely do one.

“I have decided not to speak on anything until November 7 which is the coroner inquest because I do not want any side distraction. All I want is Justice for my husband which I believe the Nigeria government is working on. After everything, I’ll either grant an interview or tell my own story before the whole world, and also, DNA is definitely a must!!!”.

Mohbad's wife vows to conduct DNA

This comes just days after revelations surfaced during the coroner’s Inquest, which aimed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the singer’s demise. In the course of this inquiry, the late singer’s father made claims about his wife’s infidelity, alleging that she had gone as far as slipping sleeping pills into his meals.

He expressed his mistrust in her, underlining the fact that all of the singer’s assets are registered in his mother’s name.
Moreover, one of the singer’s close friends, Micee, made another startling allegation, suggesting that Omawunmi might have been in a same-sex relationship with the late singer’s female manager.


Micee even went on to claim that Mohbad, the singer, was aware of this affair, as he possessed videos that served as evidence, boldly sent to him by his manager.
Fearing potential repercussions, Micee refrained from naming other individuals involved in this situation.

To compound the matter further, a video surfaced in which Mohbad’s maternal aunt disclosed her visit to their home. During her visit, she was taken aback by the sight of blood-soaked clothing. This discovery left her utterly perplexed.


During the video, she voiced her suspicions that if Omowunmi played any role in the singer’s death, she would not escape without bearing the weight of severe consequences. Her emotional outpouring included the utterance of heavy curses upon Omowunmi.

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