Regina Daniels shares loved up pictures with her husband

Written by on January 9, 2024

In 2019, Regina Daniels married Ned Nwoko at the age of nineteen, facing criticism for the age gap. Despite the backlash, she consistently chose not to respond directly.

Over the five years of their marriage, Regina and Ned Nwoko joyously welcomed two adorable children. The kids occasionally appeared on Regina Daniels’s social media, bringing joy to their followers.

Acute picture of Regina Daniels and her kids

As one of the celebrities who are very active on social media, Regina Daniels often posts pictures online, especially on Instagram, and sometimes, her husband makes the cut in those posts.

In her latest post, Regina Daniels shared pictures, portraying her and her husband, Ned Nwoko.

The couple exuded coziness and cuteness in the recently disclosed photos.On multiple occasions, the couple has been seen in public, radiating adorableness and seeming to exist in their own little world.

What’s evident is Regina Daniels’ lack of hesitation in showcasing her husband online, displaying her resilience despite the initial criticism encountered in the early days of her marriage.

In recent times, support for Regina Daniels’ marriage has increased among fans, as evidenced by comments on her most recent post. Some of these comments, encompassing but not limited to the following, highlight the positive reception she now enjoys.

the_ebony_gurl wrote “Billionaire wifey”

somtoeze wrote “Mrs Nneamaka Nwoko”

rabiusale wrote “May God bless the union”

tapsronie. reloaded wrote “Love mwanti nti”

valentineinr84 wrote “Asa odogwo”

presh.nickie wrote “Odogwu na nwunye ya”

jemimahh b wrote “Much love”

yakisugar wrote “Beautiful Mrs Nneamaka Nwoko”

starboysami wrote “Nwunye Odogwu”

ruth meli ssa wrote “Mon couple préféré”

The shifting sentiment among numerous netizens over time demonstrates the malleability of perception. Regina Daniels, instead of engaging with the online criticisms about her marriage, maintained composure. Consequently, she managed to gather positive reactions from online netizens, highlighting that resilience triumphs over online backlash.


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