Ryan Taylor breaks silence over alleged break-up with DJ Cuppy

Written by on July 17, 2023

Ryan Taylor breaks silence over alleged break-up with DJ Cuppy

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor, the British boxer, has responded to a man who threatened to organize a protest regarding his rumored breakup with DJ Cuppy.

In recent days, speculations have circulated suggesting that DJ Cuppy and her fiancé have ended their relationship after dating for over 7 months. While the couple has not confirmed these reports, they have both chosen to unfollow each other on Instagram.


In response, a supporter of DJ Cuppy took to Instagram and questioned Ryan Taylor about his alleged decision to end things with Cuppy. The individual even went as far as promising to organize a protest on Cuppy’s behalf.

“You don finally dump our sister bah? We go go do protest for your head”.


Reacting, Ryan Taylor in pidgin wrote, “Wahala be like bicycle”.

Ryan Taylor replies man over DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy and Ryan sparks breakup rumors

Over the week that DJ Cuppy and Ryan Taylor had hinted at a break-up.


For some days now the bride-to-be hasn’t been spotted with rings, nor has she shared photos of her boo, which left many questioning if the couple is still together.

In a bid to save face, Cuppy re-followed her boo, but Ryan isn’t following her, nor has he been commenting on her photos.


“If it’s blocking your spiritual growth, let it go” Ryan Taylor breaks silence

Speaking out, Ryan Taylor hinted at the cause of the breakup.


He stated that if something is blocking one’s spirituality, one should let it go.

Ryan could be indirectly saying DJ Cuppy was blocking his spiritual growth, so he cut her off.


“If it’s blocking your spiritual growth. Let it go”.

DJ Cuppy breaks silence


DJ Cuppy, on her part, had showered love on her mother, Nana Otedola.

Taking to her Instagram page, Cuppy shared a photo of her and her mother staring at each other.


In her caption, Cuppy stated that her mother always knows the best.

“Mama knows best (always)”.


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