Spyro’s Journey: From Dilapidated House to Luxurious Residences

Written by on May 17, 2023

Spyro recounts killing over 50 mosquitoes in one night as he visits old house in the trenches

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The Nigerian singer and rising star, Spyro, has recently taken a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting the house he once called home before his rise to fame. In a heartfelt Instagram post, he expressed gratitude to God for his blessings and showcased the stark contrast between his former humble abode and his recent acquisition of two upscale residences in Lagos. Let’s delve into Spyro’s remarkable journey and his appreciation for the transformation in his life.

In an Instagram post, he shared a video of himself driving in his Prado Jeep with police escorts, arriving at the local area, and entering the noticeably old and dilapidated house.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Spyro, also known as Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, embarked on a sentimental visit to his former neighborhood, where he showcased the noticeably old and dilapidated house he once resided in. With a video of himself driving in his Prado Jeep, accompanied by police escorts, Spyro provided a glimpse into his humble beginnings. The house still carried a familiar stench, evoking memories of the past when he faced challenges and fought off 98 mosquitoes in a single night.


Counting Blessings:

Filled with gratitude for his journey, Spyro shared this poignant video after acquiring two luxurious homes in Lagos. He emphasized the importance of never judging oneself based on current circumstances, as each individual is a work in progress. Spyro’s message resonates with his own transformation, highlighting the belief that despite challenges, perseverance and faith can lead to remarkable achievements. He urged others to recognize their own blessings when their stories change for the better.

From Rags to Riches: The recent revelation of Spyro’s upscale residences sparked online discussion, capturing the attention of fans and industry observers alike. Through his Instagram post, Spyro unveiled the lavish mansions he purchased for himself and his business partner. The photos and videos shared portrayed not only the physical grandeur of the properties but also served as a symbol of Spyro’s incredible progress in a short span of time.


Gratitude and Reflection: In his posts, Spyro expressed deep gratitude to God for his remarkable journey. He acknowledged the significant transformation from having nothing to becoming a homeowner of multi-million-naira properties. Spyro’s story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring artists and individuals who face adversity in pursuit of their dreams. His journey reminds us that hard work, determination, and faith can lead to incredible achievements.

Filled with appreciation for his journey, Spyro shared this video shortly after purchasing two luxurious homes in Lagos for himself and his business partner.

In his word, “I am that one leper who will always return to count his blessings and give all glory back to God. Never judge yourself by your current situation, guys. You are a work in progress. It might take a while, but a pregnant woman will one day deliver. But do not forget when he changes your story to count Your Blessings.”

The singer recently sparked online discussion when he revealed his acquisition of two upscale residences in Lagos.

In an Instagram post on Thursday morning, April 20, the artist disclosed that he had bought these lavish mansions for himself and his business partner.



He shared photos and videos of the properties, expressing heartfelt gratitude to God for his remarkable progress.


Spyro acknowledged that he had gone from having nothing to owning multi-million-naira homes in just a few months since rising to stardom.

Spyro’s trip down memory lane, revisiting his former residence, symbolizes his humble beginnings and serves as a powerful reminder of his journey to success. From a dilapidated house to luxurious residences, Spyro’s story reflects the transformative power of perseverance and gratitude. As he continues to rise in the music industry, Spyro’s journey stands as an inspiration for others to believe in their dreams, appreciate their blessings, and never forget their roots.


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