Tonto Dikeh raises suspicion over Naira Marley’s arrest

Written by on October 4, 2023

Tonto Dikeh raises suspicion over Naira Marley’s arrest

Tonto Dikeh raises suspicion over Naira Marley’s arrest

Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh has expressed her optimism regarding the pursuit of justice for the late singer Mohbad, following the apprehension of his former record label executive, Naira Marley.

On a recent Tuesday evening, Naira Marley took to Twitter to announce his return to Lagos, where he intends to aid in the ongoing investigation into Mohbad’s untimely passing. He stated his intention to collaborate with law enforcement to assist in their inquiries.

The Lagos State Police Command confirmed that the embattled musician is currently in custody for questioning and other investigative procedures.


Tonto Dikeh observed Naira Marley’s unwavering confidence in a manner that suggests he may have influential figures in his corner. In a message directed towards these influential figures, she advised them to either disassociate themselves from him or risk their identities being exposed to the public

“Naira Marley’s confidence looks to me like he has some top political underdogs by his side.
Now one of 2 things,
You all better drop him and let us have the justice we deserve or we will start fishing your names out.
Right now we don’t care about y’all, we want.


“A wanted Criminal in an ongoing bu&ly and possibly alleged murd@r investigation is here to ASSIST THE POLICE IN FIGURING OUT HIS CRIME…

I HAVE FAITH IN MY COUNTRY, we will get our justice”.

Tonto Dikeh reacts to Naira Marley's arrest

The film celebrity also issued a statement following the apprehension of Naira Marley’s associate, Sam Larry, in which he criticized the Nigerian police.

Last week, the Lagos Police Command confirmed the arrest of Sam Larry, indicating that he is currently cooperating with the police in their investigation.

In his initial statement, Sam Larry refuted any involvement in Mohbad’s demise. Regarding the viral video showing him confronting Mohbad, he asserted that he had paid Mohbad to perform at his mother’s funeral, but Mohbad had failed to show up. Consequently, he visited the set to resolve the matter.


His explanation did not sit well with many, who believed it was contrived to portray him as innocent.

Tonto, who has been one of the prominent celebrities advocating for justice for the deceased, criticized the Nigerian police. She pointed out that the news of Sam Larry’s arrest was only made public by the police because the public was closely following the case.


Upon witnessing the seemingly implausible statement issued by Sam Larry, people changed their stance, asserting that it was fabricated.

Tonto Dikeh emphasized that regardless of any tactics employed by the police, Nigerians must ensure justice is served for Mohbad.


Furthermore, the movie star criticized former presidential media aide, Reno Omokri, for his comprehensive interview with Naira Marley. Tonto posed ten questions to Reno Omokri, suggesting that the interview had been prearranged between the two parties



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