Trevboi, Davido’s ex-signee, declared wanted over alleged murder

Written by on July 17, 2023

Trevboi, Davido’s ex-signee

Trevboi, Davido


Trevboi, who is a former signee of Davido, has been declared wanted following the death of a young man at a nightclub in Fadeyi, Lagos. The incident has sparked concerns and reactions from various individuals.


According to online reports, it is alleged that Trevboi shot and killed the young man at Bar 38 club on a Sunday night. A friend of the deceased, using the Twitter handle Cloud Target, took to social media to express his grief and call for justice. He described Trevboi as a dangerous individual who carries a weapon and urged the police to intervene in order to bring justice to his friend’s tragic demise.

The news has garnered attention, with many people reacting to the incident. Some individuals claimed that Trevboi has a history of anger issues and is known for resorting to violence, including using firearms, when someone crosses him. These allegations contribute to the concern and calls for legal action to be taken against Trevboi.


It’s important to note that these statements are based on reports and social media discussions, and it is crucial for the legal authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the facts surrounding the incident. The situation highlights the significance of addressing issues related to violence, weapons possession, and personal conflicts in a responsible and lawful manner.

It is hoped that the relevant authorities will take appropriate actions to ensure a fair investigation and due process, providing justice for the victim and a resolution to the situation.




Shot and killed my friend yesterday in Bar 38 club, Fadeyi.


Known as Trevboi, he is armed and dangerous.

Wherever you are Trevboi, you’ll pay the price.


Any information about him will be appreciated. Kindly retweet”.

Trevboi on the run for killing a man


Swinging into action, the Police PRO, Benjamin Hundeyin said investigation into the incident has commenced.


Hundeyin confirmed that the suspect abandoned his car and fled on foot.

“We commenced investigation minutes after the incident happened. The suspect abandoned his car and fled on foot. The car and the documents in it are in our custody.


Investigation is ongoing”.



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