Venita, BBNaija star, advises against marrying before age 28.

Written by on January 24, 2024

During a candid conversation with fellow reality star Tacha on The Big Friday Show, Big Brother Naija star Venita Akpofure stressed her strong advice against early marriage. She shared that if her daughter were to express intentions of marrying before the age of 28, she would strongly disagree.

Venita underscored the significance of embracing one’s youth and accumulating diverse life experiences before venturing into marriage. Her advice was clear: women should steer clear of tying the knot, especially before reaching the age of 28.

In this insightful dialogue, Venita highlighted the value of personal growth and self-discovery before committing to a lifelong partnership. She cautioned against rushing into marriage, emphasizing that a more mature age brings a better understanding of oneself and what one truly wants from a relationship.

The Big Brother Naija star’s perspective resonates with the idea that delaying marriage allows individuals to establish their identity, pursue personal goals, and be better equipped for the challenges of a committed relationship. It’s a viewpoint that encourages women to prioritize their own development and aspirations before taking the significant step of marriage.

She stated: “Don’t marry young o! Don’t go and do ‘I’m doing high school sweetheart. We die here.’ Just be young! Enjoy your life. When you’re tired, get married.”


The mother of two highlighted her position, particularly for her daughter, saying, “If my daughter approaches me, as long as she’s not, I swear to God, not up to 28, we can rock with it. Anything below 28, please no.”

The reality star emphasised the need for individuals to discover themselves fully before committing to marriage. She acknowledged that while some people might be mature at a younger age, it’s crucial to explore various aspects of life to make informed decisions about marriage.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are mature, oh. But you need to try different things in life, different experiences, to be sure of okay, I want to be stuck here. Because it’s handcuff, you’re there,” Venita explained.

Sharing her own experience, Venita, who is divorced, provided insight into the challenges of long-term commitment. She suggested that couples to consider separate yet connected rooms, to help maintain independence and avoid potential conflicts.

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