Wumi Toriola preaches as she takes a stance against revenge

Written by on February 29, 2024

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola expressed her stance against seeking revenge against others. On her Instagram page, she rejected the idea of wishing ill upon someone due to past wrongs.

She emphasized that revenge often brings toxicity and negativity. Instead, she advocated for compassion and grace, believing that nobody should experience a downfall in life.


Addressing those facing challenges, she extended her prayers for their stability and strength. Conversely, she also prayed that those enjoying success would continue to thrive without experiencing setbacks.

“Revenge” to a lot is seeing things get worse for others…
That is too much toxicity…
No one deserves moving from Grace to Grass…
To everyone struggling, may you find stability and to everyone up, you will never go down”.

Wumi Toriola kicks against taking revenge

A month ago, Wumi Toriola issued a warning to critics as she contemplated reconciling with her ex-husband.

In response to her post, critics heavily criticized her, especially considering the allegations made by her ex-husband. Wumi asserted that she wouldn’t engage in public disputes, emphasizing her maturity.


She pointed out that trolls often overstep boundaries and stressed that, unlike many public figures, she would not remain silent in the face of unwarranted criticism. Wumi acknowledged her humanity and thanked her supporters for providing solace during challenging times.

Last year, Wumi reflected on her personal growth following a confrontation with a troll.


Via her Instagram account, the Yoruba actress disclosed that she had matured significantly and was actively striving to avoid negativity.

She encouraged her colleagues, fans, and followers to grow alongside her or distance themselves if negativity persisted.


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