Yul Edochie shares important question as he preaches on love

Written by on July 28, 2023

 Yul Edochie shares important question as he preaches on love

Yul Edochie shares important question as he preaches on love

Yul Edochie, the Nollywood actor, has posed a thought-provoking question to his extensive fan base.

In an Instagram post, Yul expressed his wonder about why some people find it challenging to reason logically.


He pondered how many lives must be lost before people come to the realization that life is temporary.

Yul emphasized that we are all mere travelers passing through this world, as none of us truly owns it, and our time here is finite.


“So much anger, so much hate and envy in the world.
So much struggle for material things.
Why is it so hard for people to reason well?
How many people have to die before we realize that this life is temporary?
None of us owns the world. We’re just passing through. None of us will be here forever. Let’s kill hate with love”.

Yul Edochie preaches on love

Be kind to rude people – Eniola Badmus preaches on love

Recently, actress Eniola Badmus took to her Instagram page to emphasize the significance of spreading love. In her heartfelt message, she listed several ways we can show love and kindness to others. Eniola encouraged her fans to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, engage in volunteer work for charitable causes, and use kind words to uplift people around them.


Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of giving to good causes and extending kindness even to those who may not reciprocate it. Eniola suggested offering lunch or thoughtful packages to brighten someone’s day, being a compassionate listener, and providing encouragement to those going through tough times.

Eniola’s inspiring message serves as a reminder of the positive impact small acts of love and kindness can have on individuals and the community at large. By following her advice, we can all contribute to creating a more compassionate and supportive world for everyone.


“The only way we can spread love.

Help the less fortunate,
Volunteer at a charity,
Say kind words to the people you meet.
Give to a good cause.
Be kind even to rude people.
Give lunch or care packages to a homeless person.


Smile more often
Be a good listener to someone
Encourage someone who is going through a tough time”.

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