2FACE Finally Replies Blackface

Written by on January 22, 2019

The legendary artist 2Face made a guest appearance on the #WetinDey Show on MaxFM.

The Amaka crooner was asked the meaning of “OYI” and he explained that;


‘It could mean different things at a time but in my song it meant ‘friends’, ‘padi’, ‘my guy’, ‘my babe’. The song ‘OYI’ is specifically directed to ‘babe’ but anyone can relate to it. The general message i am passing in ‘OYI’ is for one to just flow and be oneself, no need to form or present what you are not.’

Earlier this month Blackface was interviewed on Entertainment Splash on TVC, he talked about his saga with 2face because 2face stole his song and didn’t give him credit for using it.
With a sad expression he sang some lyrics from his song about how he cannot explain someone’s else problem and said Blackface is the only one who can explain the problem.


“Na only black fit explain the problem wey him get with me, to be honest with you I don tire”


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#2baba finally comments on the viral controversy between himself and #Blackface on #WetinDey with @walepowpowpow @iyahjogbo @obuszalee1 Cc. @max909fm @max1023fm


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When asked about the unity of his wife Annie and his baby mama in a video that went viral recently, and how he made that happen;

“It wasn’t magic or something, neither was it my doing but the both of them made it possible”


He gave kudos to his wife and his baby-mama who he addressed as the mother of his children for being stress-free.

“love na love o, but na cooperation make rice full pot” He said further.




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