Annie and TuFace celebrates 8years of being married

Written by on March 23, 2021

Celebrity couple, singer Tuface and actress wife, Annie are celebrating their 8th year of being married today. Annie shared a beautiful post on her social media platform this morning as she celebrated their love affair.

“I Married My First Crush ! “ she wrote as she went down memory lane how they started.


The couple got married on 23rd of March 2013 in Dubai.

Yes !!! I Married My First Crush ! 
Yes!!! I Married My First Love ❤️ 
Yes!! I Married The baby daddy to My first child “my sunshine” 🤩 
I Always Knew It Was You … How it would happen or work out ??? That I was clueless about … a puzzle I never ever wanted to solve! But I knew it had to be you … it just had to be u.. or else the chemistry… n ofcos my heart won’t feel the way it always did ! I truly , n honestly believe everyone has his/her soulmate !!! Ain’t no doubt that we are soulmates❤️
I gave you all of me , knowing that in you , n you only has this imperfect girl found perfection!!!👑❤️( mbok figure d meaning out yasef o🙈)
Either in this lifetime or another, it would have been … n it has always been YOU 💕
Happy ANNIEversary “ a guy”@official2baba 👑
23rd March 2013 💕



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