Anthony Joshua gets a lion tattooed on his middle finger

Written by on August 22, 2019

Anthony Joshua recently got a tattoo of a forest and a lion on his middle finger, this was done back in July. In a recent interview by The Sun, the tattoo studio owner

Victor Tsyhanou, revealed that the 29yrs old boxer wanted to cover-up some pigmentation on his fist which he acquired as a result of his boxing activities.

According to the studio owner;

‘We booked him in for the following week – it’s the first time a big name like Anthony has come to the studio.

‘Obviously, there was a lot of attention from locals so we booked him in later in the evening, closed the studio and did him a private session.

‘Because he does boxing, he had some pigmentation on his fists, so he gave us ideas of what he wanted to do.

‘He wanted a little forest, so we decided to do this thing with the moon.’

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