Baba Ijesha: Yomi Fabiyi tackles Toke Makinwa and Davido

Written by on April 29, 2021

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has fired back at singer Davido and media personality Toke Makinwa after they called him out over his comment on actor Baba Ijesha’s alleged molestation of a minor.

Davido referred to Fabiyi as a “bitch” while Toke Makinwa described him as a “disgrace” for asking for the CCTV footage of the minor being reportedly molested by popular actor Baba Ijesha.


The actor in two Instagram posts stated he can give up his life for a just cause, displaying a video clip of his involvement in the #ENDSARS protest.

He went on to say that he has and will never support evil but will continue to preach respect and dignity for every human, including fair hearing and trial.


In a recent interview with Goldmyne Entertainment, Yomi Fabiyi accused Toke Makinde of assuming a ‘god figure’ and using social media clout to attack his integrity.

Fabiyi said he has never attempted to judge or rush into judgment against any of his colleagues when they are accused of one crime or the other.


He reiterated the importance of one who claims to be intelligent, exposed, and famous to be careful enough to balance stories and not attack people’s integrity, reputation, and brand.

The actor, who stated he may not cross paths with Toke Makinwa till he passes out, asked her to rearrange her background and ensure she finds the truth.


Also taking a swipe at Davido, Fabiyi stated he never attacked Davido even after he was accused of murder, which he referred to as the “greatest of all crimes”.

Yomi insisted he never requested to see the CCTV footage where the minor was reportedly molested, contrary to stories making rounds among his colleagues.


He averred if the superstar singer is attacking him over his stance on the rape saga, it means he has some relevance.

Yomi Fabiyi went further to state that he is preaching caution while those after him preach bashing, hatred, and discord


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