#BBNaija: Brighto talks about his experience in the Big Brother House (Video)

Written by on September 14, 2020

Big Brother Naija’s Brighto recently shared his experience, in the House with the trio of Wale Powpowpow, Obus, and Punke Aboki – hosts on the Award-Winning show #Wetindey .

He said:
“My experience in the Big Brother House was interesting and fun… From the games to the people I met and the Saturday party…”


During the conversation, he was accused of having forced Laycon towards Erica.

To this allegation, Brighton said:
“I wasn’t the one who pushed Laycon towards Erica; just that Laycon is my guy, and, during that period, he was feeling so down because Erica was not giving him what he wanted… so I advised him to put in more pressure and try harder, maybe Erica would have a change of mind…”


Regarding the ‘Lord Baelish’ title, conferred on him, Brighto said:
“When I came out of the house, I was wondering why people were calling me Lord Baelish, until I was made to realize that many thought of me as cunning or trickish – which is far from what I really am.”

Asked about his relationship with Wathoni, Brighto declared:
“Wathoni and I are very very good… We’re close friends. Before the house, I had no intention of getting into any relationship – which was why I didn’t make any move… Right now, we are outside the house so I can make any move because the future is bright.”


Brighto was also asked about Erica’s disqualification, from the Big Brother House, and if he thought it to be Laycon’s fault.

“The disqualification of Erica is not Laycon’s falt… Erica was under the influence of alchohol, which was why she did what she did,”
he said, in Laycon’s defense.


The former housemate shared his thoughts, concerning Ozo and Nengi’s relationship, saying:
“Ozo is in love, not that Nengi is using him.”

Brighto gave his prediction on who the winner of this year’s Big Brother game would be.
It’s his belief that it’d be won by either Laycon or Kiddwaya.


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