Written by on November 3, 2021

Shawn Corey Carter, known as Jay Z has finally joined Instagram, and his wife Beyonce was the first to follow on the app.

After years of anticipation from his fans, American rapper and billionaire Jay Z has finally joined the social media app, Instagram.

As of the time of filing this report the only person that the music mogul is following on his verified account with the name Jay Z is his wife Beyoncé who also happens to be following only him on the same platform.

The account which was created yesterday currently has over one point five million followers with just one post which has garnered over four hundred thousand likes and over twenty-two thousand comments.

The recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s first post interestingly is a photo from Netflix’s “The Harder They Fall” film which he co-produced, he also uploaded an IG Story featuring a premiere countdown clock for the film which arrived in theatres on October 22 and will arrive on Netflix today.

If you were wondering, it doesn’t look like this is the first time that Jay-Z will be joining Instagram. Back in 2015, the New York Daily News reported that the Brooklyn rapper joined the social media platform, posted a Michael Jackson tribute, and then deleted his unverified account a few hours later.

Jay-Z recently teamed up with Kid Cudi for the song “Guns Go Bang” for the feature film. The film was directed by Jaymes Samuel, who also wrote the script alongside Boaz Yakin.

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