Brymo gets dragged on twitter

Written by on April 14, 2020

Alternative music singer and songwriter, Brymo trends on Twitter after claiming to be a better music artist than most  A list artists in Nigeria. Brymo received and is still receiving some serious backlashes from critics on the micro-blogging platform attacking his claim.

Brymo recently released his 4ht studio album titled ‘Yellow‘.

In one of the tweets shared by Brymo, he wrote;

“I’m their daddy though !…. and if you are judging all these by awards, local or foreign, I’ll have you know that I refused to play, or even pay cash in some instances is why I’m not decorated.. so you ppl should shut it!!..”


“Def not a king… I invented the alternative, don’t need to be crowned… overall I’m more like a deity, now bow to me..”

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