coronavirus: Nigerian rapper, CDQ slashes rent of his tenants by 30%

Written by on March 23, 2020

In view of the covid-19 outbreak, rapper CDQ has decided to wave off 30% of the rent of the tenants that occupies the house which his family is in charge of. He revealed that this move comes as a result of the unproductive period which the covid-19 pandemic is likely to bring in the coming months

“So I was on the phone with my lil brother last-night for almost 2hrs discussing the issue of this deadly Corona Virus… I’ve never spoken to him for this long before 🤦‍♀️ Last night I realized how much I’m meant to have loved him… mostly I’m always concerned about my mum and my little sister, and I’ll be like after-all he’s a guy he’ll be fine 🤗 So last night we concluded on taking some burdens off the people that are attached to the little properties we have control over in this temporal hard time.
I believe if there’s no productive activities happening with the ongoing shut-down issues everywhere right now, there has to be a way we can be rational and fair to ourselves to make life easy for our fellow humans… cos against all odds…we are all we’ve got ❤️ I’m actually posting this not as a show off but to commence a movement that will probably influence everyone with good heart out there to make life easy in this hard time for anyone under or attached to us somehow… Thank You 🙏 #StaySafe#Woss#LifeisQuality#MayGodHealTheWorld#WeAreAllWeHaveChallenge”


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