Cult Group With The Highest Number Of Celebrities Members Is——?

Written by on May 16, 2022

Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher institution that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities.

In 1953, at the exclusive University College, Ibadan, then part of the University of London, author Wole Soyinka (later a Nobel Prize laureate) and a group of six companions founded the Pyrate Confraternity.

“Magnificent Seven” was their moniker (G7). Soyinka and his confraternity peers noticed that the university was dominated by affluent students with ties to the colonial government, as well as a few impoverished students who often imitated the wealthy students; meanwhile, campus social life was governed by tribal allegiance.


The Pyrates aspired to set themselves apart from the “stodgy system and its pretentious products in a new educational institution separate from a culture of hypocritical and rich middleclass, different from alienated colonial aristocrats,” according to Soyinka.

The organization’s motto was “Against all conventions,” and its insignia was a skull and crossbones. Members were given pirate-themed confraternity names such “Cap’n Blood” and “Long John Silver.”


And today, cultism has become one of the way of life in Africa – especially in Nigeria. Even Nigerian celebrities are now into cultism. It’s well ooo.

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