”Deliberately provoke your suitors to know their temper” Reno Omokri

Written by on May 9, 2018

In another episode of Reno’s nuggets, the social media adviser advised ladies on some steps to take before they settle down with their partner. Reno in his tweet dished out advice saying to ladies that they should intentionally provoke their suitors to know their temperament.

He opined that a good man builds his wife while a bad man has hands that beats his wife and they should never walk into a marriage without knowing which temperament their suitor posses.


He wrote:



”Dear ladies, A good husband has hands that builds his wife up. A bad one has hands that beats his wife up. Dont go into marriage with any man blindly. Deliberately provoke your suitors to know what type of hands they have. In marriage, you must look before you leap #RenosNugget ”

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