Written by on October 22, 2021

Still on the roller-coaster of divorce proceedings between American music mogul Dr Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young, reports state that Dr Dre was infuriated earlier this week when he was served with legal documents in connection to the divorce while he laid the woman who raised him to rest.

If you would recall, in their latest divorce battle, Dr Dre was ordered by the court to pay Nicole almost three hundred thousand dollars in spousal support in addition to her attorney fees.

According to sources, the music mogul was at a Los Angeles cemetery when a process server approached him with legal documents from Nicole’s attorneys.

The documents reportedly addressed a dispute over how much he was ordered to pay for Nicole’s attorney fees, stating he owes her over one point two million dollars to round up her legal team fee.

The documents state that Dr Dre has only paid over three hundred thousand dollars of the one point five hundred and fifty million dollars in attorney fees he was ordered to pay by the judge.


There are however conflicting reports on what went down as sources close to Dr Dre allegedly claims that he was served the papers while he was standing by his grandmother’s casket, however, sources close to Nicole allegedly claims the server waited until after the burial was over and caught up to Dre in the parking lot.

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