Falz Speaks Out, Defends The Girls Dancing In Hijab

Written by on June 6, 2018

Recently, Nigerian Rapper Falz has been trending on the internet regarding his new music “This Is Nigeria” as an Islamic group have called him out to take down the music video.

The music video which featured a character that dressed like a Fulani man, who suddenly abandoned his traditional guitar and beheaded a man and young girls in hijab as choreographers dancing the “shaku-shaku” (a dance associated with a drug-related song) did not go well with the Islamic group as they termed the video as an “hate video”.

The rapper had an interview with a news source where he spoke about the young girls dancing “shaku shaku” in Hijab. He defended them and stated how Nigerians have missed the main reason for the music video. He also expressed his worries for Nigeria.

Falz mentioned his inspiration for the apparently controversial music video and pointed out some issues currently affecting the country.

When asked if the girls dancing shaku shaku in Hijab scene was intentional, he said:

”It was very intentional. We continue to forget or neglect the innocence of the girl child and because of all the issues that were are having, the kidnappings and the killings especially in the Northern part of the country, the Chibok girls and very more recently the Dapchi girls, It is very disturbing and we don’t often talk about them and I was a bit surprised to hear people say why would you put girls in Hijab to dance Shaku Shaku…come on, is there anything wrong with people dancing because they are wearing Hijabs? Is their any law against that?”

The rapper has not heeded to the request of the MURIC group to withdraw the video. 

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