Family problem is nobody’s business…Paul Okoye

Written by on August 29, 2021

Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy has finally opened up about the rumor of his crashed marriage with his wife of 7 years, Anita. The singer during a recent interview with media personality, Dotun,  revealed that it is disturbing seeing people say whatever they want about his family, he further stated that his family problem is nobody’s business and the Okoye family deserves peace.

During the interview, he said:


“Like I always tell people, it is so unfortunate that family problem which I think is nobody’s business to know, but it’s so unfortunate that Psquare has to pay the price for it.

“One thing I promise myself not to do, let the Okoye family just have the peace that I think they are having now. I hate waking up anytime and just see people saying things you know, whatever that happened is just a thing of choice and one thing you need to do is to try and respect people that wake up one day and say they don’t want to do anymore, okay.”


“I am a family man and sometimes when I see issues and it goes to the media, I will be like I wish one person can just zip it. You know why? People will get tired but you see when you talk, you know. So, for me, it’s like I think we’ve rested for more and we are the highest, even ‘Boys II men no reach that level.”

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